Staying productive during COVID-19

2020. It’s impossible to describe how challenging this year has been for everyone. The death of loved ones and strangers has touched us all and we are still trying to adjust to what it means to live through a pandemic. Everyone has had a different experience due to their specific circumstances. I’ll share mine. Just […]

Prologue to the Feature: My Short Films (Part III)

Hello film mammas! I hope everyone’s staying safe and healthy. The number of cases and deaths keeps going up so this is a friendly reminder to please stay home if you can and wear your masks when you go out! So we are down to the last part of this prologue series. You can read […]


Happy #femalefilmmakerfriday everyone! In honor of Peruvian Independence Day this past 28th of July, I am proud to bring you our first interview with Peruvian first-time filmmaker MELINA LEÓN. Melina talked to me about her magnificent first feature CANCIÓN SIN NOMBRE (Song Without A Name) which premiered at the Director’s Fortnight section in Cannes last […]


Hello film mammas! How do you fund your short film? As I discussed in my post about my second short film, there are many organizations that are funding short film projects both for students and non-students. Here’s a list with some options to get you started: Women in Film Finishing Fund The Women In Film […]

Prologue to the feature: My short films. (Part II)

Baby A couple years after making my first short film (which you can read all about here) I embarked on my second project. This was my thesis film from my master’s program and is the story of a drama that follows when a girl who comes home for a weekend unexpectedly bumps into her estranged […]

Prologue to the feature: My short films. (Part I)

Memories of The Sea Before I started thinking of my first feature I learned my directing craft through making short films. In this post I’ll tell you what the process was to make my first one and how it helped me advance my career. I want to make a note here and say that even […]

Hello Female Filmmakers!

This is my first blog post ever. The beginning of an adventure together! I decided to start a blog because as a female filmmaker developing my first feature I wanted to document the journey of what it is to go through this process. Especially as a Latina woman. And even more specially, as a woman […]

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